Ray's discography is quite impressive for a local artist.  He has produced several albums over the past 10 years. His latest ones include:

In 2008 "Just This  Side of Heaven"
was released

In 2009 "Butterfly Wings" 
was released

In 2010 "Are You Sure"
was released

Ray produces the albums in his private studio. Although his wife June has written the lyrics for some of the songs on the albums, all others were written by him, along with the melodies.  Ray produces all the songs, including full orchestration.

His CD's can be purchsed from him or through www.cdbaby.com.  You can also listen to excerpts from either of the albums on-line.

to butterfly

Sinner to Christian

"Christ in you
the hope 

            Butterfly Wings                                                                   
Words and music  
           by Raymond E. Crawford              
    Copyright January 30, 2007

You gave the butterfly wings
Then You taught her to fly;
Now You’re working on me,
To myself I must die.
Every part of my life,
Into the depths of my soul,
Your spirit is purging me
From things I can’t control.


You must be born again
Like the little butterfly
From a worm she began
Now she rises in the sky
I thank You for your Son
And I love to hear You say
My work in you is done,
You are born again this day

A caterpillar’s cocoon
Hides her uncomely form
But when the work is done
With beauty she’s adorned.
Lord you now have begun
Transformation within
Cleansing me from all sin
Causing new life to begin.


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             Just this Side of Heaven

Words and Music
 by Raymond E. Crawford

Just this side of heaven there’s 
a place I sometimes go
There’s a Guide who comes to take me 
and when it’s time, I never know
It seems I might be dreaming for I 
know it is late at night
He takes my hand and says it’s time 
lifts me up and we take flight

This time it’s very different & there 
are no words to describe
When the doors to heaven open and 
I’m allowed to look inside
Through the door, dare I venture
 I am humbled by the view
There are angels all around me 
and more peace than I ever knew

First Chorus:

God’s glory fills all of heaven by 
this sight I am overcome
I fall on my knees before Him; 
He is God’s first begotten son
His eyes search through my memories 
all I’ve done is written there
He paused at that blessed day 
I placed my soul in his care

I’ve gone through his judgment 
every thought and deed revealed
By my works I’ve not been sentenced 
by His blood my fate repealed
I thank God for his mercy and I 
praise Him for His grace
The son of God has saved me 
without fear, I behold His face

Last Chorus:

God’s glory filled all of heaven 
by that sight I was overcome
I fell on my knees before Him; 
He is God’s first begotten son
His eyes searched through my memories
 all I’d done was written there
He paused at that blessed day
 I placed my soul in His care


Yes, I was blessed on that day
I placed my soul in His care.

You are invited to follow along with the songs with the words below

Are You Sure?

Lyrics by June B. Crawford
Music by Raymond E. Crawford
March 19, 2010

The sky will be opened, 
The clouds will now part
The brightness of heaven, 
Will shine down below
As angels announce, 
That His coming is nigh
Time now will cease 
As our heads we bow

Stand to your feet 
And raise up your hands
Knowing that Jesus 
Will pour out His grace
He’ll give us victory, 
And cleanse us from all shame
You’ll be a new man 
As you gaze upon His face


When Jesus comes 
Are you sure you will be ready
When Jesus comes 
Will you reach up to the sky
Will you embrace 
All our dear Lord has to offer
Will you love Him, 
Will you understand why

Jesus appears, 
And life’s book is opened
You’ll know the bible 
Was true all along
You’ll know the scriptures 
Had foretold this event
And all believers 
Will sing a new song

Repeat Chorus


Look to the sky 
are you sure you’ll be ready